Worst College Football Traditions

January 11, 2011

After last night's national championship game, ESPN went to Auburn, AL, to show us live footage of the fans covering the trees of Toomer's corner with toilet paper.

Is there a worse tradition in college football? Toilet papering trees is sooooo white trash. If I were an Auburn fan, I would just have to shake my head in embarrassment at this most stupid way to celebrate a big win.

Toomer's corner is the worst of the worst. Here are the best and the worst college football traditions, straight from the top of my head.

Best Worst
Cool animals in the stadium: Colorado's buffalo, Auburn's Eagle, and of course, Mike the Tiger on the field are all really cool. Only partial credit for Texas's steer. I'm not that impressed by a cow. Dogs on the field (Georgia, Texas A&M)
Dotting the I at Ohio State, LSU's pregame. I know, it's hard to give credit to any nerdy band stuff, but these are the exceptions. (And this isn't a tradition, but you should see Hawaii's stick figure performance.) A band that plays anything from the Star Wars score.
Boating to the Game at Washington or Tennessee Sooner Schooner
Calling the Hogs. Best cheer in football, without a close second. Roll Tide
  The Stanford Tree. It's frightening and stupid at the same time.
  Touchdown Jesus.
  Kissing your date when your team scores. Your dingbat Texas A&M date doesn't even know how many points go with that field goal. And while we're on A&M, cheer practice -- or whatever you guys call it -- is stupid too.

That's my list. What did I miss?