World Series Game 4

October 26, 2005

I normally don't really care about major league baseball.

The game is too slow, and any particular game in the regular season is too meaningless. By the time the games are important, it's football season, and regular season football ranks higher on my interest scale than post season baseball. No question about it.


This week, I've been working with a client in San Antonio, which is full of die-hard Astros fans. The Stros are in the World Series this year. I think it's their first trip to the series, but it's certainly their first in many years.

(A quick internet search would answer that question, but I'm too lazy to conduct such a search. However, I'm not too lazy to type all of this text about how lazy I am.)

Yesterday was the first series game at home for the Astros. It was "wear your Astros gear to work day" at the office, which allowed people to come to work casual, as long as they sported an Astros logo somewhere or other. So that we wouldn't feel left out, they bought the two of us from Baton Rouge Astros caps.

We worked late yesterday, and by the time we left the office and got to a place to eat, the game was underway. The Astros already had a 1-0 lead. They had built their lead to 4 runs. But the Sox started a comeback as we drove to the hotel. When I got back, it was 5-4 White Sox, and I was interested.

Little did I know that my sudden interest would keep me up until 1:30 this morning watching -- of all godforsaken things -- major league baseball. The Stros squandered a very good opportunity to score the winning run in the bottom of the ninth, and then both teams were shut down for inning after inning after inning after inning.

I knew I was in trouble when the ticker on the screen said, "Later tonight on Fox... World Series Game 5. Houston Astros vs. Chicago White Sox."

Fortunately for me -- unfortunately for the fans here -- the Astros ran out of decent pitchers in the 14th inning. Tim McCarver told me to stay tuned for the post game report, but I had seen more baseball than I have all season up to that point. I finally went to sleep.

If you are a baseball fan and haven't looked already, check out the box score. Both teams used an unbelievable number of players. The strategy of who to put in and pull out, and when to do it is what kept the game interesting.

I'm not sure if I'll watch game 5 tonight or not. Is there a football game on instead?