Who Cares About Erin Carter

September 13, 2023

One night this week, I started watching Who is Erin Carter on Netflix, and I've got to tell you, I have never seen a more sloppily-written piece of television.

I got 35 minutes into episode one.

The writers think that this makes sense:

The main lady has a daughter, and that daughter beat up a kid at school. Let's call him bloody-lip. So we start a scene where main character mom goes to bloody-lip's house to talk to bloody-lip's parents. He tells us that his dad is out of town, and that his mom is around back having a tennis lesson. Main character mom walks around back and spys the other mom banging the tennis instructor.

And after that, they all go to school for that morning.

So their universe is bathed in broad daylight at like 6:00 AM, everyone is up, and the mom has a tennis lesson/sexual liaison scheduled for that early on a school day.

After school on that very same day, she goes back to that house for a giant party. In the course of the school day, they've set up the yard with tables and chairs, put up a huge stage with lights for live musicians, and had a giant nude sculpture of tennis-banging-mom carved from a block of ice.

The company that sets up parties in this town does a killer job.

Then, they have 200 people over for a shindig when the husband is either still out of town or has just gotten back.

This is the worst example, but the dialog is full of things that real people wouldn't say. The acting isn't what you would call good, but it wouldn't be something I noticed if the writing wasn't so sloppy.

I'm sure twists and turns are coming. (Obviously, there's something to the girl's glasses. They beat you over the head that the mom gets her panties in a bunch if the girl takes them off.)

The best part for me is the song that the title put in my head. The song isn't in the show (at least not in the first 35 minutes), but I can hear it in my brain any time.

Erin Carter Erin Carter Erin Carter... Ooooooooohhh SHIT, Erin Carter.

If you've watched to the end, go ahead and spoil it for me.