June 13, 2013

I really have no explanation for my lack of dedication to the picture of the day. I've gathered pics all spring. They're just sitting on my phone and on my computer.

I'm tempted to backdate them and post, as if I had kept up with it all summer, but I'm not nuts about that level of dishonesty. So I'll add a bunch of them, starting with today. Yeah, they'll start with Spring pics, and it's June now, but hey, that's spring up in Minnesota, so pretend I live there.

Speaking of Spring, I got pecked by a bird yesterday. I went to put something away outside, and there was a young bird sitting on my firewood. I stopped and looked at it. It looked back at me, and we had a little moment together. Then, I heard the angry scream of a blue jay. I looked up at Mama bird, and then turned to do my thing.

As soon as my back was to her, I felt a flutter by me head and a simultaneous beak to the shoulder. It didn't hurt, but it was a little bit of a surprise.

I'm impressed with the balls on that 10 oz bird, to come take on a giant 200 lb creature.