Overheard in Casa theskinnyonbenny

October 20, 2006

"Did Netflix charge us for that movie?"

"Yeah, I think so."


"Why wouldn't they have?"

"It was lost."

"But we lost it. They had different options to select whether we lost it or whether it was lost in the mail."

"Well why didn't you say it was lost in the mail?"

"I'm not going to condemn my soul to an eternity writhing in hell just to save us twenty bucks."

"Well let me report it as missing next time."


"We could retire a lot sooner if we would just quit spending money like banshees."

"I like how you project any unfavorable characteristic on the banshees, when all they did is a little bit of screaming."

"I'm sure they did more than scream."

Note: I didn't really know what a banshee was. The Wikipedia article was somewhat interesting. And by that I mean it didn't totally put me to sleep.