Nancy Grace

March 02, 2005

Who would you think is the most unintentionally funny person on TV?

Ozzy Osbourne? Cose, but no.

Donald Trump? Nah-anh.

Dan Rather? Believe it or not, you're getting warmer.


The most unintentionally funny person on television is CNN Headline News's Nancy Grace. If you aren't familiar with Nancy, she has been a regular guest on the mother network's Larry King Live for a couple of years.

Nancy is a lawyer by trade, and her topics always have to do with crime and punishment. She makes no pretense about being partial; she's always in the camp of the prosecution or police. The twang in her accent, her sarcastic attitude, and the fact that she always -- and I mean always -- uses her outside voice make her show the most entertaining news program on the air.

Sorry Captain. Your browser does not support plug-ins for digital video. Don't take my word for it. Let's watch a clip, shall we? (Like all of the ripped off multimedia on, this is presented to you without the knowledge or permission of the owners of the video. Just wanted that to be known.) This is a clip during a segment about the BTK killer. While you're watching, just look at Nancy's face. And make sure you have your audio turned on. Pay special attention to the dialog and expressions after the camera gets back from the two photographs. There you go, I dare you not to laugh at this. By the way, the crappy picture quality comes from the crappy signal that I've been getting from my cable box. It won't be long before I have to go back to satellite -- Cox is something like 0 for 15 and counting in service calls to fix this problem. Now that Nancy has her own show, I might just start a page dedicated to clips like this. Or maybe I won't. We'll see.