Morning Traffic

January 05, 2011

This morning, I needed to exit the interstate on Seigen Lane. It's a busy street, so the exit ramp for cars turning left is two lanes, and it is often many cars deep. Today, the left turn lane on the right was about 8 cars deep, and the left turn lane on the left was a single car. I looked down the lane to see the reason. A beggar was standing on the side of the street right by where the next car would have to stop.

I couldn't let a handful of seconds of potential awkwardness prevent me from line jumping 6 or 7 cars, so I pulled right up to the beggar. Our faces were separated by window glass, but there were only a few yards apart.

I felt too awkward staring out into the space above the car in front of me, so I tried to make my face look as crazy as possible, and I stared right at the guy. I did this by opening my eyes as wide as I possibly could. I felt like they were going to bug out of their sockets.

He looked right at me, then quickly away. He did the awkward stare out behind me while I continued to stare at him crazily.

As I left the intersection, I checked out my crazy eyes in the rear view mirror. Normally, my eyes are pretty small slits. But I had managed to get them to a big round eye. You could almost (but not quite) see the whites all the way around the iris.

It was a little creepy.