Missed Opportunities in Blogging

March 09, 2005

I was just reflecting on a couple of the missed opportunities that I let get by recently. Sometimes, you get a perfectly good -- maybe even great -- web log entry staring you in the face, and you get busy doing other things and never get it posted.


The most glaring omission is that I got through the entire election season last fall without making much fun of either bonehead candidate. I guess I was tired about hearing about it all of the time. What made me thing of this is that Hey Ya came on the radio while I was on my way to work a few days ago. I remembered the Bush girls saying that W and Laura like to, "shake it like a Polaroid picture from time to time."

I was listening to that speech on the radio that night, and I was amused that the NPR people felt the need to explain that allusion.

Anyway, while I was driving to work, I started wondering if the pres and his wife had actually heard that song before. And if they really had, didn't they object to the lyric that goes, "Don't want to meet your mama....Just want to make you come-a."

I picture the Bush family in cut off shorts and stocking feet, sitting around a stuffy formal living room in the White House dancing to Hey Ya. And then, when Andre sings that line above, W looks right a Laura, and sings it while pointing an index finger in her face, to the beat of the music.

Maybe he even moves his mouth in an exageratted way to really enounciate. "Just want to make you come-a..."

I think that's the scene that the Bush girls were talking about.

On an unrelated missed opportunity, I picked up this catalog that came free with a magazine. The second time I leafed through it, I noticed that there was one and only one girl modeling all of the stuff in the whole catalog. There wasn't that much that had a human model, but every page where there was one, it was this chick.

Here's the kicker: she was ugly as a bowl of dog food. I don't know if she owned the company or if the real models didn't show up or what. If I had any love for my readers at all, I would have scanned her picture and made fun of her for you.

But I threw the darned thing away.