Football Championship

January 08, 2008

We went to New Orleans yesterday to be part of the atmosphere around the ultimate game of the best college football season in the history of mankind. The day was perfect: warm weather, good food, good game, LSU win, big celebration.

We found a bar with a high-def TV outside, and sat out there for about six hours watching pregame and the actual contest. The place was mostly Tiger fans, but there were some Buckeyes there as well. I found the Ohio State fans to be a good sort. They didn't run their mouths too much when they took an early lead, and then they were gracious in defeat, congratulating our fans on the season. Of course, they have a lot of practice at this bridesmaid role by now, and the angry ones wouldn't have come out to the quarter after the game.

In the early afternoon, the French Quarter was dominated by guys delivering dollies full of beer. There were dozens of guys taking beer into bars by the stack. It was like when there's a big storm and the power company guys from neighboring states have to come help get everything straight. I'm sure that the distributors in New Orleans called out the reinforcements yesterday.

I heard one of the reporters from the radio broadcast say that the team went out after the game, and that Les Miles even dangled the crystal trophy from a balcony over Bourbon Street -- a la Michael Jackson with his baby -- as the crowd went wild. I wish I had gotten to see this. Forward me links to photos or video if you happen to see them.

After the game, the streets were packed. Everyone, including the red-clad buckeye fans, was yelling, giving high fives, and holding up their new championship gear. We didn't overdo it, and we were out of town by 1:00. I was driving home from the North Shore this morning, and I heard WWL in New Orleans report from the French Quarter. There were still some remaining celebrators (this was around 6:30) who gave quick and incoherent interviews.

I'll post pictures soon.