Filing Cabinets

April 20, 2017

At one of the offices I visit for work, there are these filing cabinets, which have stood ajar for close to a year. Handwritten signs forbid closing them. I close inspection shows that the keys are in the locks. I can't figure out why they need to stay open. If I were an employee there, I would be bitchy about how trashy it all looks, but as a contractor, I don't feel like it represents me in any way.


Years ago, I visited a bank on a work trip. Some years prior to my trip, the boss ordered that a bunch of decades old loan documents be shredded. The lady I was working with couldn't bear the thought of the one ten thousandth of one percent chance that she might need to refer to one of the documents and not have access to it, so she stayed late one night and moved a wall of filing cabinets into the ladies room.

By the time of my visit, everyone was just used to the "don't ask/don't tell" nature of their filing system. Women strolled past the cabinets every day to do their thing. The secret hoarding of the documents was long since public knowledge, but since they were out of the boss man's sight, he never followed up on his order that they be removed.

I can't imagine how annoying that would be for me if I worked there every day.