A Short Note about Priests and Weddings

October 05, 2005

I read this article in Sunday's New York Times. My first reaction was, "What crazy people. Who would behave like this at someone else's wedding?"

Then I remembered that at a close friend's wedding reception, the groom's father got into an angry shouting match with the priest who presided, and threatened to drop an ass-kicking on him. I'm pretty sure alcohol was involved there.


I think the whole episode was kind of embarrassing to the family, and I for one had almost forgotten the whole thing. So I leave it written here so that we don't accidentally forget.

It's a wonder that I have a single friend left.

We had a different set of friends with a different Catholic wedding and a different priest around that same time. A couple of years later, their priest left the church to live in New Orleans with his new boyfriend.

Mrs. theskinnyonbenny and I decided that it would be fun to forge some diocese letterhead, and send them an official looking letter that indicated that due to their priest's improper behavior, their marriage could not be recognized by the church.

It was going to go on to subtly imply bad things about their children for being born "out of wedlock."

Unfortunately, laziness outweighed my desire to execute this cruel prank, and the letter never got created. So maybe that's why I still have one or two friends in this world.