June 18, 2024

Statia, or St. Eustatius if you prefer, is our first Dutch island. It’s just a tiny little roundish thing out here in the Caribbean, with not a whole lot of people. There’s a decent little waterfront, and then a steep climb up to the town proper. It’s a pretty little town with stone streets and friendly people. It’s a nice place.

I’ve read that the hike up to the volcano’s rim is not to be missed, but it looked very high, and the hike up to town was enough for me. It was also pretty hot out.

The anchorage was too rolly. There’s not enough curves in the shore line to pattern out a proper bay.

Hiking up to the town

Programming note:

You may have noticed a bit of time has passed since we last updated here. Humid salt air is hell on electronics, and a couple of weeks ago, I powered off my laptop only for it to refuse to power on ever again. I've had to install all of my dev tools on another family member's machine, so I'm more or less up and running again.

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