Real Time Map

Video: Sail Plan (Route)

Google Map flyover of how we think the whole 6-month voyage will play out. Bookmark this page so that you can see how different plans are vs reality when it comes to sailing trips.

I get all mushed-mouth when I know I'm being recorded, so bear with me there.

Recorded: October 28, 2023

Duration: 03:13

Boat Build Photos and Design Choices

November 29, 2023

When getting updates about a boat build happening on another continent, there are a lot of back and forth calls, emails, and pictures. This post shares a lot of those pictures.

More Photos From the Build

December 07, 2023

Not really to much writing to do here, but we do have a lot more pictures from the good people at Pegasus.

Game Plan

January 03, 2024

It's almost go time. Here's our plan for the next couple of weeks.

Slovenia, Week 1

January 16, 2024

Some boat learning, some waiting around, and our first delay of the trip.

Back to Boat Life

January 19, 2024

We've moved aboard Pegasus #6, Hagazussa.

Video: Christening the Third Velvet Elvis

Recorded: January 30, 2024

Duration: 00:50

Video: Velvet Elvis Full Launch Video (Includes Christening)

Recorded: January 30, 2024

Duration: 07:24

Post Launch

February 02, 2024

Just a flurry of activity since we put the boat in the water.

Video: Sunset on the Adriatic

The still photos didn't capture how the light played on the water, so I needed to add this 17-second video.

Recorded: February 04, 2024

Duration: 00:17


February 06, 2024

We shove off and set sail for home.

Video: Route from Izola, Slovenia to Riposto, Sicily

Ko narrates the map summary of our first passge.

Recorded: February 09, 2024

Duration: 00:55

Video: Night Watch - February 14/15

We still have a lot to learn about the right sail plan for any given conditions, but on the morning of February 14, we nailed it and had some beautiful sailing. Forgive the terrible audio during the intro. Too much motor noise during the night watch.

Recorded: February 15, 2024

Duration: 01:29

Sicily, Sardinia, Fouled

February 18, 2024

Sicily was all you've heard: very pretty with very good food. The marina in Riposto is right by where the the catch comes in every morning, and so just a block down and to the right is market after market of fresh fish right off the boat. We ate tuna and swordfish pretty much every day.
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