Slovenia, Week 1

January 16, 2024

It feels like longer, but we arrived in Slovenia just over a week ago.

The launch of Velvet Elvis is delayed. We're looking at some time next week before she's in the water, and then there's still a lot to do before we can put Slovenia behind us. But that's the nature of travel, and in particular of sailing. We definitely want everything to be right on the boat first.

We've gotten to go to the shop and do a lot of technical learning, and seeing how everything is being assembled is invaluable. And we have a company where the owners know where every wire is run and every hose is plumbed, and they seem eager to stay on the phone with us and get us where we want to be when we want to be there. Better yet, they know where to go in the Med and where to skip. It will be great to have them as a remote team helping us from shore.

We also met the owner of hull 9, Sine Finis which launched last week. Nice guy. He's going to leave it here and let us import into the US before following later in the year. I'm sure we'll see hime again.

Continuing the bad news, we've all been fighting a mild sickness. Fucking air travel. The up side of that is that we just sleep in our rental place, which I've named "the world's most dismal apartment." Tomorrow is move out day. I'll leave the details about where we're going for later in the week.

My pictures are a weird mix of tourist and technical. Here's a pretty mountain. Here's a compressor for the cockpit refrigerator. Here's the dog looking cute on a Pegasus that is not our Pegasus. I'm a bit at a loss for what to post.

I think I'm going to do some technical walk-through videos for the real nerds out there once we're aboard our own boat, so I'll save some of those pictures for then.

How's that for a transom?
Doing school work in the cool little coffe shop next door to The World's Most Dismal Apartment™️
Izola is a really pretty town.
Rosie the Boat Dog isn't so sure about using the passerelle to get ashore.
Velvet Elvis's keel
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