Game Plan

January 03, 2024

It's been quiet on the new boat front, but all of that should change pretty soon. Here's our plan for the next couple of weeks. Send good vibes for cooperating weather.

Jan 8: We arrive in Slovenia. Rent car, check in to apartment, buy cat litter.

Jan 9: Boat school starts. Go to Kranj to see Velvet Elvis in person and start learning her systems. Boat school continues with combinations of visits to the boat yard and on board a sister ship in the marina at Izola.

Jan 12: Keel arrives at boat yard from the keel manufacturer. Ours is the first Pegasus with the shoal draft keel. This delivery is somewhat delayed, but the good folks at Pegasus are planning to keep it in the shop and do its prep work over the weekend.

Jan 15: Transport the boat to the ocean. This should be a big day with some good pictures.

Jan 16th & 17th: Install keel, step the mast, install rigging, and get the boat into the water. Maybe not in that order.

Once the boat's in the water, we can start unloading the pallets of our stuff that we shipped up there and moving into the boat. We can also get to the starlink dish at this point and get it installed. We also start a series of test sails where we make sure everything is working, instruments are calibrated, etc.

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