Boat Build Photos and Design Choices

November 29, 2023

At the beginning of August, the folks at Pegasus had bits and pieces of the boat. They were things like rudders and sections of bulkhead and interior walls. Things that they can cut out a lot of for several boats at a time.

Some time during August or September, our hull showed up in the shop. At that point, it was just a boat shaped mass of fiber. They start laying in bulkheads and interior walls and start running the hundreds of miles of cabling and wiring, adding water tanks and waste tanks and plumbing, and all of the hundreds of other things that start turning it in to the boat it will be.

/img/bigtrip/IMG_2024 Medium.jpeg
Velvet Elvis in the Yard, September 20, 2023

/img/bigtrip/IMG_2029 Medium.jpeg
Inside the hull

On October 27, enough was done to join the deck to the hull

/img/bigtrip/IMG_2276 Large.jpeg
/img/bigtrip/IMG_2282 Large.jpeg
/img/bigtrip/IMG_2283 Large.jpeg

As I understand that process, there is much lowering and raising, then sanding and fairing to make sure everything fits together just right.

/img/bigtrip/IMG_2284 Large.jpeg
/img/bigtrip/IMG_2287 Large.jpeg

Meanwhile, we were selecting flooring and fabrics for the interior. The main salon will be something like this.

/img/bigtrip/PG50 No10 V4 Interior 01 Large.jpeg
/img/bigtrip/PG50 No10 V4 Interior 03 Large.jpeg

We will be the first of the Pegasus 50s with the black "dashboard" and handholds wrapped with black. It might seem a little aggressive, but I think there will be some cool things. First, a lot of the instruments live mounted on those surfaces, so they will seem just to float over the surface of the boat itself. Second, some of the sight lines from the cockpit look through the salon glass, and with black, we shouldn't really get any glare from this surface no matter what the light is like.

Cockpit cushions will be similar, except that the throw pillows will be gold, to better match the trim of the boat itself.

This isn't her, of course, but this is a render of what a black hull with gold trim should look like.

And from behind

This week, they're actually going to be painting. It goes on in several coats over the course of a week, and then it cures for a couple of weeks before being covered by something to make it shiny. I think of it as a gelcoat, but it's probably not technically a gelcoat at all. (Or maybe it is.)

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