Bert on Oprah and Lookin' Good

Crystal goes to see a filming of the Oprah show. I don't know if she was invited, or just went on her own volition, but it really doesn't matter. She gets an episode where Oprah's producers come out and talk about some of their favorite segments from years past. The segment that interests us is something about a dying mother who makes videos and writes notes for her daughter to watch as she grows up.

Here is the end of the segment. It's one of the funniest things that I've ever seen on TV. If you have trouble making the video work from this web site, keep trying, and call your company's support desk for help if necessary. It's that important.

(2023 update: It's a YouTube embed now. It will work. But y'all probably don't remember how hard it was to publish a video in a web page in a way that would play on all computers back in the day. There's more below about how hard it was to watch internet video once upon a time.)

If you are interested in more -- and honestly, how could you be otherwise -- here are some links to supplemental material..

Email Crystal, and let her know what you think. It would be especially good to email her if you don't know her.

(2023 update: Yeah, no. We're not embedding email links in the site any more.)

See the whole segment. This is good for you middle-aged women who just need a good, old-fashioned cry and have a while to wait for a big video to download. By the way, I am totally without permission to show this copyrighted content. Call me a pirate. And don't even think about it without a high speed connection.

And most amazingly, I've developed some technology that actually lets me capture what the mind is thinking of people appearing on television. So for the first time anywhere, presents the thought reading version of that same clip.

Hope you enjoyed this segment, and for those of you who know me, I hope you don't find yourself on my Tivo any time soon.