Original Videos From theskinnyonbenny.com

These are the first videos I ever posted on the site. I hosted them myself, and video embed technology was such that there was only a 50/50 chance that anyone could see them.

Dan Grooves

It is fortunate for Dan that as his natural instinct to nod off in public takes effect, it actually looks to the casual observer like he's just an old hippie tourist grooving to the bad Thai singer.

Duration: 00:10

Singer in Thailand

This is so silly. I'm way too cool to be watching this.....Wait a minute.....this guy can really move.....what's he doing now.....is anyone else liking this.....oh my god, he gets me hot.....

Duration: 01:43

Daisy Rolling in the Stink

It seemed like a harmless waste of time. Heather was out, so I rented Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. I didn't even know Daisy was paying attention; I thought she was asleep. But ever since, she's convinced herself that she can break dance. I think that she thinks she's really doing it.

Duration: 00:15