Lake George, NY - June 2011

Vacation videos from our summer family trip. The high number of videos of people jumping off of cliffs makes it necessary to break these off into their own video album.

Annika Can't Work Up The Nerve

Annika tries to jump off the lower cliff, but she can't stop her brain from telling her this is a bad idea. I actually have 5 or 6 clips of Annika trying to go, but this one is enough, I think.

Recorded: June 30, 2011

Duration: 02:56

Evening Boat Tour of Lake George

This is how we finished most evenings -- racing the sun to try to get back to the dock by dark.

Recorded: June 30, 2011

Duration: 01:17

Camilla Jumps Off Of Cliff

Camilla jumps from the lower cliff face.

Recorded: June 30, 2011

Duration: 00:57

Crystal Jumps Off Cliff

This is certainly the funniest of the bunch of cliff jumping videos. Crystal runs down the face as a cartoon character might.

Recorded: June 30, 2011

Duration: 00:43

Crystal Can't Work Up the Nerve

This is a long video wherein Crystal can't muster the courage to throw herself off of a cliff.

Recorded: June 30, 2011

Duration: 03:02

Jake Jumps Off Cliff

Jake was the only kid with the guts to go off of the high cliff during this trip.

Recorded: June 30, 2011

Duration: 00:51

Ben Jumps Off Cliff

"Mr. 660" is a reference to the weight I claimed during this week of the trip. It came about when I reported that the weight limit of a particular canoe was listed as 700 lbs. My wife chimed in, "That's just you plus a sack of dog food."

Recorded: June 30, 2011

Duration: 00:11

Clearing Brush

Our rental house on Lake George had a serious problem. Overgrown trees and bushes blocked almost all view of the water from the house. The best angle was a lost cause, but there was the potential to see this little gravel beach with just a bit of a trim.

Fortunately for us, it got more than just a bit of a trim. What would you think if you had a vacation renter do this much landscaping?

My favorite part of this video is that it makes me laugh in real life exactly where it made me laugh when it was being shot.

Recorded: June 25, 2011

Duration: 00:45