Home Movies (Vanya): November 2009 - November 2010

Watch in the order presented to see my kid age in reverse!

Close Your Eyes and Count to Four

Playtime in the airport on our way to return home on Thanksgiving weekend. "Close your eyes and count to four" is a close cousin of hide and seek, except that you only get to count to four, and if you're it, your're it forever. Also, the person hiding is usually the one to shout, "ready or not, here I come!"

Recorded: November 26, 2009

Duration: 01:03

Close Your Eyes and Count to Four, the Sequel

This is how we spend many of our evenings.

Recorded: December 01, 2009

Duration: 02:02

Making a Move about a Shark and a Dog

Recorded: January 28, 2010

Duration: 00:38

Superhero and Bartender University Just Added a Pre K Section

SBU also won their conference tournament and drew a seed in the NCAAs this year.

This is from dinner and cocktail time on 2/17/2010.

Recorded: February 16, 2010

Duration: 02:03

New Knives

I made fun of Crystal for having a shitload of those plastic spatula-spoon things, and commented that our kid would love to have them. Later, a couple of them showed up in the mail for him.

This video is right after he unpacked his gift on 4/7/10.

By the way, he doesn't usually wear the redneck sleeveless t's, and I think this is the only video I have where he is so dressed.

Recorded: April 06, 2010

Duration: 00:53

First T-Ball Game: Fielding

During the first T-ball game, Vanya wasn't really comfortable chasing and fielding the ball yet. At least he had the grabbing of his junk down.

Recorded: June 21, 2010

Duration: 00:28

Splinter Removal

Vanya had a pretty good run of picking up splinters from the deck during vacation at a rental house in Tennessee. We're on Watts Bar Lake. Background musics is "Sweet Melissa" by the Allman Brothers, which seems like fitting music for shirtless barefoot people in rural Tennessee.

Recorded: July 24, 2010

Duration: 00:32

Remote Control Boat

Vanya tries to influence the course of the remote control boat through body English, while Jake drives it all around the lake.

Recorded: July 25, 2010

Duration: 01:19

Car Trip Fight?

Jake and Vanya irritate each other on a car ride. Or perhaps they're just irritating the adults. Watch and come up with your own judgment.

Sorry about the quality of this one. It was way too dark in the car to get a good pic with my camera. I used software to brighten it enough to see, but the remaining picture is noisy, and there are those black bars for some reason or other.

Recorded: July 27, 2010

Duration: 01:32

Nothing Happens in This One

I was probably trying to get everyone to sing or something, but this video got hijacked by Vanya before it got started.

Recorded: July 29, 2010

Duration: 00:17

More Play on the Beach

Recorded: August 01, 2010

Duration: 00:43

Avalance on the Beach 8/2/2010

Recorded: August 01, 2010

Duration: 00:18

Run Away

I was looking for a cute video of Vanya playing on the beach, and for some reason, he decided to sprint away at full-speed. You'll see me try to keep up for a minute, and then just give up altogether.

Recorded: August 01, 2010

Duration: 00:19

Singing on the Porch

Vanya and his friend Margaret sing and play on the porch of a beach house rental.

Recorded: August 02, 2010

Duration: 02:46

Playroom Cowboy

Recorded: August 08, 2010

Duration: 00:40


Vanya plays in a messy room with a chocolate covered face.

Duration: 01:09

Tailgate Rainstorm

There was a short but heavy rain storm during a tailgate Saturday. After it ends, the kids play in the river of water running down the street toward the gutter. Nervous nelly mothers can relax. No one gets sucked down the drain.

Recorded: September 24, 2010

Duration: 01:59

Trick Or Treating 2010

Vanya and Caleb sprint from door to door to door, excitedly trick-or-treating in 2010.

Recorded: October 30, 2010

Duration: 02:14

Drumming, Dancing

Vanya drums/dances to Roxanne, by the Police.

Recorded: November 13, 2010

Duration: 00:43

Pre-K4 Pilgrims and Indians

Some of the last bits of the Pre-K4 Thanksgiving presentation that the kids did for us before the "Feast at their school. A lot of what I shot got file-corrupted and lost, and I think this is toward the end of their work. You can see Vanya toward the back, acting silly, and at one point, you can definitely hear him over the other kids.

Recorded: November 15, 2010

Duration: 01:40