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Voodoo Dancing 2015

Watching Gogol Bordello during Voodoo Fest.

Recorded 11/2/2015

Recorded: November 02, 2015

Duration: 00:41

Dinghy Captain Practice

Recorded: December 28, 2014

Duration: 01:41

Christmas Morning 2014

Recorded: December 25, 2014

Duration: 05:20

St Lilian Academy Christmas Show 2014 (Big Kid Group)

This is the set of performances from the older kids at St Lilian Academy for the Christmas program in 2014.

Recorded: December 16, 2014

Duration: 11:28

Trick or Treat Practice

Recorded October 31, 2014

Recorded: October 31, 2014

Duration: 01:06

Three Minutes Just the Other Day

A tired dad who can't use reason to get the little kid to go to bed.

Recorded: September 16, 2014

Duration: 00:27

Look at Sandra Dee

Summer of 2014 will almost certainly be remembered as the Summer that Kolya started singing selections from Grease. His favorite, by a long margin, is Sandra Dee. There were times where he sang it more enthusasitcally on video, but this is the best I was able to capture. Sandy isn't immune to stage fright, and she isn't even aware of the internet just yet.

Recorded: August 11, 2014

Duration: 02:35

If You're Sailing With Me, Don't Be Afraid to Dance Bottomless

Love this boy's spirit!

Recorded: June 28, 2014

Duration: 00:40

Exploring the Wildlife at a Secluded Florida Anchorage.

Exploring the wildlife at a secluded Florida anchorage.

Recorded: June 17, 2014

Duration: 04:31

Swim Kids

Just a Summer day at the pool.

Recorded: June 07, 2014

Duration: 00:29

New Swimmer

In the first couple of weeks of Summer this year, Kolya has become a full blown swimmer.

Recorded: June 07, 2014

Duration: 00:10

Jesus Camp Play

V got invited to participate in a drama camp at my sister's church. We knew V would love it, and we didn't think about the fact that it would probably be a play with some super-protestant doctrine for the kids to absorb.

It's not the easiest video to watch, but if you make it full-screen, you can see V having a really good time. My nephew Caleb is the kid that gets converted to "God's Team" in the course of the show.

Oh, the song where the kids sign is very nice.

In case you quit early (as you should), they never do tell you who wins the race and the season championship.

Recorded: June 06, 2014

Duration: 46:14

Dance Party

The kids get down with the Cure in the back yard.

Recorded February 21, 2014

Duration: 01:05

Just a Day on the Swings

This is on one of our first visits to the renovated playground at Webb Park.

Recorded: March 13, 2014

Duration: 00:20

Driving the Train

Just playing trains with my little one.

Recorded: February 04, 2014

Duration: 00:52

K's Third Birthday

I guess three is the birthday where kids start getting really, really excited about it all.

Recorded: January 06, 2014

Duration: 05:25