Home Movies (V & K): January - August, 2012

Civil Engineering

Vanya builds an elaborate structure out of lawn furniture to keep the dogs from eating Kolya's Cheerios.

Recorded: January 20, 2012

Duration: 04:29

Kolya Helps Vanya With Homework

Kolya hasn't often initiated fun, playfulness with Vanya. Here, he chooses homework time to do just that.

Recorded: January 25, 2012

Duration: 03:12

Loose Tooth

Vanya reluctantly demonstrates his first loose tooth for me.

Recorded: February 14, 2012

Duration: 00:57

Metallica Kid

Often, when one of us is working on the computer, Kolya climbs up and turns up the music. I'm sure he figured this out by accident, but I'm equally sure that he does it on purpose now.

Here, he enjoys Metallica's Enter Sandman.

Recorded: February 14, 2012

Duration: 01:13

Monkey See - Monkey Do

Kolya imitates me during the middle of a quiet, boring day.

Recorded: February 14, 2012

Duration: 01:44

Hot Dog Night

The kids play and eat on the boat at anchor. This was the first night of our Easter trip in 2012. See http://http://theskinnyonbenny.com/ve/page.php?fn=ve_s6.content for more.

Recorded: April 04, 2012

Duration: 02:04

Lady Ga Ga Aboard

On the last night of our Easter Voyage, we had dropped anchor, and dyed Easter eggs. After that, there was nothing to do but play. Vanya requested pop music, and both kids danced away.

Recorded: April 05, 2012

Duration: 04:25

Chief Chocolate Face Calls His Tribe

I dare you to find another video on the entire internet that shares this title and is not something racist.

This is Kolya, enjoying a nice outdoor evening, after eating pudding for desert.

Recorded: April 23, 2012

Duration: 01:15

New Walker Practices Downhill and with Obsticles

Blutowski practices his new walking skills at Jazz Fest this year.

Recorded May 3, 2012

Recorded: May 02, 2012

Duration: 00:19


On May 14, Vanya's dance class had a trophy ceremony. They were supposed to say their name, do their favorite dance move, and then collect their new hardware.

Recorded: May 13, 2012

Duration: 00:15

Don't Get a Speeding Ticket, Guys

This is a short capture of Vanya and Kolya playing on the toy tractor up at the farm.

Recorded: May 18, 2012

Duration: 00:41

Vanya Dance Recital 2012 - The Tap

Recorded: May 25, 2012

Duration: 02:54

Vanya Dance Recital 2012 - The Ballet

Recorded: May 25, 2012

Duration: 02:50

Spill at the Schooner Wharf Bar

I started this video because I was enjoying the band, and we got the added bonus that we get to catch what happens when I get an ice water spilled in my lap while filming. Language is surprisingly safe for family viewing.

At the Schooner Wharf Bar in Key West, FL.

Recorded: July 01, 2012

Duration: 00:58

Watching the Giraffe from the Animal Planet Lodge

When we got to our room at the Animal Planet Lodge, there was a giraffe outside the room. He wasn't really as much of a hit as I would have expected him to be. You can tell that I'm happier to see him than either of my kids.

Recorded: July 07, 2012

Duration: 00:52

March with Pooh and Tigger

If my younger self could have witnessed this, he would punch himself in the mouth.

We were at lunch with Pooh, Tigger, et al, and they decided to have a march around the room to celebrate "Friendship Day." V was really having fun, but he's close to the back of a man who's big enough to have stayed in his seat, so you only get a quick look at his excitement.

2023 edit: I'm older and obviously more honest. This is an absolute fucking nightmare.

Recorded: July 08, 2012

Duration: 00:28

March of a Happy Kid

What made Disney worth being packed into a hellish sea of humanity was Vanya. This is from right before lunch. We had watched a bit of a stage show in front of the castle, and I started to video as we moved away. You can see the excitement in his step, even though we had been in the park for several hours. This kid had a really fun day, and that made it fun for us all.

Recorded: July 08, 2012

Duration: 00:39

The Boys Pick Up Legos

There are so many things that make me laugh when I watch this. I have to start with the too-small pajamas with the tag sticking out of the back. Follow that with the non-stop bossiness, and how Kolya doesn't really care. And then V gets frustrated with him.

"Baby K" is what Vanya keeps calling him.

Recorded: July 09, 2012

Duration: 03:01

Teaching a Baby Cards

In which Vanya gets frustrated, because he doesn't understand that babies aren't born knowing how to play cards. To make it worse, this is a game to teach reading, and I don't think poor Kolya had a chance to read the words on the cards just yet.

Recorded: August 27, 2012

Duration: 01:29