Home Movies (Vanya): July, 2007 - October, 2009

Look at cute little baby Vanya!

Vanya getting hit by ball

Vanya in the living room getting hit by a ball.

Recorded: July 23, 2007

Duration: 01:01

Hit Me With That Pillow

Vanya tries to hit the cameraman with a pillow, resulting in unexpected comedy.

Recorded: August 13, 2007

Duration: 00:15

Show Me Your Belly

Vanya shows his most impressive knowledge of midriff vocabulary in September.

Recorded: September 25, 2007

Duration: 00:28

Playing "Here Comes That Old Bird"

Vanya, Ben, Lily, and Blossom play with a big pink flamingo puppet.

Recorded: November 12, 2007

Duration: 01:48

Vanya Plays Football, Chase, Etc.

Vanya throws a football, indian gives a battery to the cameraman, runs from him, plays with a broken toy, and looks out the window for out of town Mama. There's a quick dance somewhere in there too. All of this while wearing only one arm through the sleeve of his outer shirt.

Recorded: November 26, 2007

Duration: 02:04

Enjoying the Singing of the Whos from Whoville

Vanya dancing and enjoying the music of the Whos during an airing of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." This includes the first time that I've seen him introduce the full twirl during a dance.

Recorded: November 27, 2007

Duration: 00:47

Looking for Maw Maw and Opa

Vanya gets misled into looking for his grandparents.

Recorded: January 23, 2008

Duration: 01:09

Playing with Dog Toy and Camera

Recorded: January 27, 2008

Duration: 02:03

Enjoying Bad Country Music

2023 update: this may not show up as YouTube has detected the copyright-protected music playing in the background.

Recorded: February 22, 2008

Duration: 01:16

Mama's Shoe

Vanya wears a woman's shoe outside, and spots some poo poo.

Recorded: April 06, 2008

Duration: 00:35

New Tricycle

May 19 was the anniversary of the day that we picked up Vanya at the orphanage. We got him a tricycle as a present that day. This is one of his first days learning to ride. It's just the smallest bit too big for him here.

Recorded: May 24, 2008

Duration: 01:30

Cat House/Goat Search

Vanya starts in the cat house at his grandmothers, then moves outside to go look for the baby goat.

Recorded: June 13, 2008

Duration: 02:20

Playing With the Goat

Vanya plays with the baby goat at his grandparents' house.

Duration: 01:37

"I Think He's Going To Be Worse Than Sam"

In which my son won't shut up, so we amuse each other by comparing him with family members who aren't present.

Recorded: November 15, 2008

Duration: 02:16

Christmas Tree Decorating 2008

Recorded: December 02, 2008

Duration: 03:13

Strongest Man Competition

I was cleaning up the kitchen on July 18, 2009, when this site came through. It's a pretty funny one.

By the way, this is my first HD video that I've uploaded. The quality improvement is obvious.

Duration: 01:11


Recording a current song favorite.

Recorded: July 25, 2009

Duration: 00:27

Chasing Birds in Boston

The pigeons in Boston may never rest easy again.

Recorded: July 30, 2009

Duration: 00:47

On the Beach

Vanya makes sure the kayak is high and dry after a paddle.

Moose Pond, Maine,

Recorded: August 01, 2009

Duration: 00:41

Football with Batman

There was an LSU Tailgate party the weekend before Halloween, and we let Vanya wear his Batman costume to the game. He and I crossed the street to play in a field for a little while in the afternoon.

Recorded: October 23, 2009

Duration: 03:18