Heather and Vanya Make Cookies

I don't think it's a secret. I do almost all of the cooking at our house. So when Heather and Vanya decided to make cookies together, I thought I better get some video.

Making Cookies - Part 2

Adding the different ingredients, mixing, and pounding nuts into crumbs.

Recorded: June 09, 2011

Duration: 08:30

Making Cookies - Part 3

The kitchen gets messier, and my family remains really cute.

Recorded: June 09, 2011

Duration: 05:23

Making Cookies - Part 4

I can't believe anyone other than grandparents would stick with this series of videos this far in. This one is more of the same with dangerous/brave/stupid (depending on your aversion to five year olds risky behavior) use of the oven.

Recorded: June 09, 2011

Duration: 01:06

Making Cookies - Finale

In the series finale, the cookies come out of the oven, and then get torn to bits as Vanya tries to pry them off of the jelly roll sheet.

Recorded: June 09, 2011

Duration: 01:47

Making Cookies - Part 1

This is the beginning of cookie making for Heather and Vanya. I walked into the room as they were getting to the part of the recipe where eggs needed to be added. If you think of this as an I Love Lucy episode, the results will be no surprise.

"You're about to sound like a mean old shrew in front of all America."

"You better not put this anywhere."

See also companion videos from the rest of the cooking segment.

Recorded: June 09, 2011

Duration: 03:03