March 30: Exterior Cleanup

I returned the next week to spend a couple of days doing work. The goal of the first day was to get as much cleaning done as possible. Since I had to load up junk from the house, I got a late start, but managed to complete all of the following:

Lily checks out the cleanup process.

At around 16:30, it started to rain, but this seemed like a productive list of things to have accomplished since noon. After a quick shower, we went off for a basket of fried oysters and a beer.

March 31: Interior Cleanup

Velvet Elvis tied up in the back yard.

This was a similar day to the one before, but my attention was on the cabin.

This day took from 8:00 to 17:00, and I still didn't get to any repairs.

Here's why one should always take days off work to do things like this. Wiping the mold off the ceiling of the boat cabin beats the crud out of sitting at a desk talking to customers on a nice day. On the other hand, if I had given up a weekend day for all of this, it would have been a rough day.

Lily watches over the interior cleanup from the companionway door.

April 1: Cleaning's Over. Time for Chores

On this third day of work, I finally got to start making repais and improvements. Here's the list:

I was pretty pleased to have gotten this much done in one day. It's been a while since I was that productive at anything. I haven't mentioned that my sleep pattern over these days had pretty much reverted to Joe average pioneer, circa 1874. Due to first light and puppy urges, I was up at around 5:30. Due to lack of cable television and more fatigue than I'm used to, I was asleep by 9:00 every night. Sometimes earlier.

April 2: More Work

I promise that these boring itemizations are almost done.

Good looking people install single line reefing.

We did have a little mishap along the way. Mrs. theskinnyonbenny had obviously taken her vitamins that morning, because while wiping down the glass on the forward hatch, she completely ripped it right off of its hinges. The plastic arm on each side that allow the hatch to open and close snapped into pieces. It boggles my mind to contemplate exactly how this happened, but I know that it did. At the time this story is posted, we have some very nice looking duct tape holding the broken hatch in place. This took until noon. Maybe one. Then we went sailing.