Captain's Log

2023 update: I didn't really keep up with this log over the course of owning the boat, but here's what I did record.
2005-07-04From Oak Harbor, crossed about 2/3 of the lake, and then turned back.Very good wind and moderately choppy water. Too many other boats, but very nice otherwise. Moved quickly with full main and genoa reefed to 80%.The admiral, Dan, Cathy, another guy named Dan and his wife, whose name I don't recall.
2005-04-27Out from Eden isles,on a beat to the underpass for I 10, and back under power once the wind died.Wind was quite light, and then altogether dead. Tyler. Noel.
2005-05-21Out from Oak Harbor, along shoreline to Hwy. 11 and back.Wind calm, but a slight current evident.Tyler, Cade.
2005-06-18From Oak Harbor out to the Rigolets and back.Very light wind most of the day.The admiral, Stacie, Shelly, Sam, Cody
2005-07-02Out of Oak Harbor, under Interstate 10 toward the south shore. Went out a long way and turned back.Heavyish winds and a good chop. We had over 600 pounds on the windward side of the boat, and still managed to bury the winches a couple of times. Backed off on Genoa after a while and flew across the lake.Dan, Sarah, Neil.
2005-03-08Sail from Mariner's Village Marina in Mandeville, about four miles along the north shore, and then back.A cool but beautiful night. Winds around 10 kts. Light chop.Just me and the auto pilot.
2005-03-13From Mariner's Village Marina in Mandeville, out into the lake for a few miles, and then back.Overcast. Mild temperatures. Light wind and chop.The admiral.
2005-03-26A 25-mile sail/motor from Mariner's Village Marina in Mandeville to Eden Isles in Slidell.Chilly. Winds around 15 kts from the East (which was the wrong direction).The admiral (and the dog, but she just slept).
2005-04-02From Eden Isles, East on Lake Pontchatrain, past Hwy 90, to the small lagoon nort of the Rigolets. Then back.

See the full tale on this one.""
Strong winds at first (20 kts?), getting calmer. Nice temperatures in the afternoon, then cool at night.The admiral, Sam, Cathy
2005-04-23From Eden Isles, under Interstate 10, down close to the south shore of the lake, and then back.20 kt winds with stronger gusts. Water started with a light chop and got rougher as the day progressed.

Temperatures in the mid 70s and plenty of sun.
The admiral. Paul and Amanda.
2006-02-26Motored the poor, heavily damaged vessel from her slip to a ramp between Highway 11 and the railroad track. It was great to be on the water again. This was about a 40 minute motor.Whoa Nelly, this would have been the perfect day to sail. Steady wind around 12, light chop on the water, and not a cloud in the sky. It was about 65 degrees at 10:00, when I was on the water.Nada
2006-08-29From Oak Harbor, on a beat approx. 1.5 mi from Harbor entrance, and then back.Perfect wind and water for the re-launch. Est. 12-15 kts, choppy lake. Sunny and much too hot.The admiral
2006-09-02From Oak Harbor, well out into the Rigolets for a while, and then back.Wind was good early, but slowly died over the course of the day. It was a little warm, but a comfortable and good sail overall.The admiral, Paul, and Amanda
2006-09-23From Oak Harbor to Hwy 11 bridge, across to Hwy 90 bridge, and back.Windy and rough. Warm and sunny.I was solo.
2007-05-29Luanched 2007 sailing with new centerboard, new instruments, and an autopilot. Sailed for two or three hours from Oak Harbor to the east of I-10 and back.Warm, winds 5-10 ktsThe admiral, two dogs.
2007-06-16Out from Oak Harbor, a 6 miile back and forth sail between the bridges.15 kt. winds. Heavy chop.Dan, Sam, the admiral, Vanya, two dogs. (It didn't seem as crowded as that sounds.)
2007-07-04Into Lake Ponchatrain from Oak Harbor, dodging thunderstorms for a few hours, and back.Breezy with light chop. Thunder clouds on every horizon.Dan, Sam
2007-07-22From Oak Harbor into Lake Ponchatrain. Under I-10, circled back.Good wind, low humidity, and pretty calm lake.Admiral, Cathy, Vanya
2008-08-30Motored from the house to the ramp to pull out for Hurricane Gustav.

I had forgotten about this log, but once we relaunch, I'm going to try to keep it more current.
Very, very nice. Sunny, warm, nice breeze.none
2012-01-07From Oak Harbor/Eden Isles, immediately turned toward Hwy 11, then toward the south shore, and back home, over 3 hours.Sprinkling but dead calm early. Rain stopped soon, and wind built gradually to ~12 knots at end of sail.H, V, K, Zaffutos (Melanie, Steve, John Steven, Lizzie)