Captain's Log

2023 update: I didn't really keep up with this log over the course of owning the boat, but here's what I did record.
2014-04-18First day on the new Velvet Elvis. After an hour and change (13:30 - 14:45, say) shakedown sail from West End, New Orleans, we motored directly into the wind for 3.5 hours (15:00 - 18:30) to get to Eden isles.

Not the best day to try to head directly into the wind all day. We took a lot of spray on the bow, and a couple that could be described as sheets of water.
Mostly cloudy and cool. 15-18 kts most of the day. Heavy chop on the lake. Boat test - Ben, Heather, Dan, Leo and Brian from Murray Yacht Sales.

Slog into the wind -- Ben, Heather, Dan.
2014-04-1911:00 - 16:30. From Eden isles, out into the Rigolets, zig-zagging around for a while, and then back, without stops.Perfect weather. Winds variable from 8 to 12 kts. Bright sun and warm. Light chop on the lake.Ben, Heather, Dan, Cathy, Sarah, Vanya, Kolya, Caleb.
2014-04-20Long sail from Slidell to the Causeway bridge, which turned out to be under repair and unable to open. Some back and forth in the lake, and then anchored just West of Goose Point.Perfect. 8-10 kt winds at our back and beam, dieing down in the afternoon. Clear sky and warm.Heather, Ben, Vanya, Kolya
2014-04-21Another perfect day. We sailed for 5 hours, from our anchroage to New Orleans West End. Barely adjusted the sails all day. Even though the instruments weren't working, Auto Pilot held the course. Perhaps the easiest day of sailing ever.8kts. Sunny and warm.Ben, Heather, Vanya, Kolya
2014-04-22Short motor from West End to New Orleans Intercoastal Canal, and to Seabrook Boatyard.Cloudy but nice. Wind to our back at about 4 kts.Ben, Heather, Vanya, Kolya
2014-05-10Morning: From Seabrook Marina in New Orleans to Eden Isles. (~20 miles)

Afternoon: Eden Isles, out to the East end of Lake Pontchartrain, and back. (~10-15 miles)
Morning: Winds variable, but generally from the Southeast. Built quickly to 15 knots, which turns out to be the new Velvet Elvis's sweet spot. Overcast. Light chop on the lake.

Afternoon: Calmer, probably around 10 kts. Warm and very nice.
Morning: Paul, Heather, Ben

Afternoon: All of the above, plus Cathy, Vanya, Kolya, and Dorothy
2014-05-11Out from Eden Isles, most of the way across the lake between the two highways, and then back.Higher winds, 17-23 kts. Had both sails reefed about half way, and the boat rode very comfortably. Stayed on this route so as to beam reach both out and back.Ben, Heather, Vanya, Kolya, Dan, Cathy, Gwen, Bo, Megan, Edgar, Cornelia, Nick, Jasper.
2014-05-16From Eden Isles, into Lake Pontchartrain. East by sail into the Rigolets for a short anchor. Motor back. (~3-4 hours).Very pleasant, but light wind. A little too much current for comfortable swimming.Ben, Heather, Vanya, Kolya, Dan.

Teachers -- Jenanine, Tara, Melanie


Izzy's family - Izzy, Henry, Darlene
2014-05-24Motor to the end of the Oak Harbor channel. Drift out for a mile or less. Motor back.No wind. Getting hot.Ben, Heather, Vanya, Kolya, Sarah, Caleb, Cathy, Kaylah, Julia, Victoria