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Long Island Happy Times

May 31, 2023

As I mentioned when we last gathered, there are lots of reasons to spend time on Long Island, Bahamas. There were at least two things that I'll remember about that island forever, and a funny story to go with them. Here's a post about sailing in 2021 that isn't all disasters.

Don’t Worry About Long Island Robbers

May 26, 2023

We were at Great Exuma that Summer just before Fourth of July weekend. Our generator had long since shit the bed. Goodbye, sweet air conditioning. Goodbye working outlets from which we can charge the devices that we need in order to pay the bills. And goodbye to the most efficient way to keep the boat's batteries topped off.

Summer 2021 - How We Made a Weeklong Trip Take Half the Summer

March 08, 2022

Our 2021 sailing trip to the Bahamas was an absolute disaster. Before we left, lightnight fried our boat's electronics. The generator didn't make it to Key West. And we lost tons of consumer electronics to Neptune as well. We managed to have some fun though. This is how the trip started.

Summer Meetup

October 20, 2021

We had a hell of a time getting to the Bahamas this Summer. Our friends Robert and Crystal might have even done worse than us. Also, some really pretty pictures in this post.

Easter Week Trip

April 06, 2016

We spent the week of Easter on the sailboat. Almost entirely, we were tied up at Pontchartrain Landing on the lakeshore. It's an almost unknown RV Park and Marina, and not at all a bad place to hole up for a week.

Mandeville Sailing

October 29, 2015

We decided to sail to Mandeville, a town that's usually four or five hours from our home dock. It's a pretty standard trip for us, but this one spirals into nuttiness.

Travel Log – Gulf Coast Trip Part 2

September 03, 2014

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