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Thailand Travel Log: Krabe

April 12, 2004

Here's one amusing story: The place that we stayed had one of those bars that you could swim up and order food and drinks. Mom went up the last afternoon and ordered an ice cream sundae, which of course, Americans pronounce "sun-di." The Thai bartender looked puzzled. Mom repeated the order, and he continued to not understand. When she pointed it out on the menu, he actually corrected her English: "That's Sun-Day."

Thailand Travel Log: Bar Hopping

April 05, 2004

Somewhere between when the time when the Thai ladies were trying on Mom's fake boob and when the weird little guy put a hot towel while I was urinating, I knew it was time to go home.

Thailand Travel Log: Ayuthaya

April 03, 2004

On Friday, Mom and I traveled to Ayuthaya province. This is about an hour outside of Bangkok, and was the capital up until about a thousand years ago. We started by touring ruins of a complex that may have been the palace or a temple. The ruins were pretty neat. It was much like touring an old fort in America in terms of how it looked. But obviously, the Thai's cement was a better mix than that of the American pioneers, since it was still holding strong, despite the handicap of an extra thousand years or so of exposure.

Thailand Travel Log: In Bangkok

April 01, 2004

Being in Bangkok the second time is very different than being here for the first time. It isn't the city that has changed; it's just that the overwhelming sensation on the first visit is how very different and strange everything is. Now, the chaos seems familiar and natural. We have only done a couple of things around the town. The main thing was to go order and get fitted for custom clothes.

Thailand Travel Log: It's a Long Ride

March 31, 2004

It takes a really long time to get to Thailand. And then, when I finally made it there, we have a little airport/customs kerfuffle.

Thailand Travel Log: Prologue

March 29, 2004

This marks the first of many entries that I will make during my Thailand trip. I'm not sure exactly how this travel journal will play out, but I would expect it to differ in style frm the rest of the blog in some way or other. I'm making this entry from my PDA at the Baton Rouge airport, so it may be short.

Evening in Patpong

March 26, 2004

I'm planning to post many web log entries from Thailand during my trip over there in the next two weeks. There is only one problem with that. Every time someone looks at pictures or wants to talk about my last trip there, they get hung up on one particular story. It was actually Heather who was pretty insistent on getting to see the filthy side of Bangkok. We packed in a lot of activity, and I can honestly say that we could not have experienced more cultural oddities than we did in such a short time. Thai smut is just one piece of the big puzzle.