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Getting a Men's Facial

March 09, 2004

I know that admitting this in print gets me labeled as a pussy by a lot of my faithful readers, but hey, I'm here to inform and educate. I spent one afternoon in the hotel spa, and got a massage and a facial. We all know what happens in a massage, but maybe not what goes on with a facial. Besides, there's someone out there who is curious about what goes on in a men's facial, and who will find this site through Goggle years from now.

Evening in Patpong

March 26, 2004

I'm planning to post many web log entries from Thailand during my trip over there in the next two weeks. There is only one problem with that. Every time someone looks at pictures or wants to talk about my last trip there, they get hung up on one particular story. It was actually Heather who was pretty insistent on getting to see the filthy side of Bangkok. We packed in a lot of activity, and I can honestly say that we could not have experienced more cultural oddities than we did in such a short time. Thai smut is just one piece of the big puzzle.


December 15, 2008

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