Ben's note: Contributor Shelly Williams left Louisiana in 2006 to start a post-law-school graduate program of some sort. She finds herself in East Orange, NJ, which turns out to be worthy of stories and pictures.

Being white and southern in New Jersey, Part 2

September 18, 2006

There are many interesting restaurants and food stores that I have seen recently that demonstrate the diversity of my new community. I took a picture of a few of them to share. It is not so much the existence of these stores and restaurants that amaze me, it is the quantity. I literally could have taken 100 pictures of similar restaurants and food stores.

My favorites are the Cluck U Chicken Express and the Roti Shop. The chicken shop is right at the gates of Seton Hall's main campus. I bet that really annoys the priests and nuns which run the school. I can't remember where the Roti Shop is but the fact that they serve goat was very amusing to me. I thought it was funny that the Family Buffet Restaurant served American, Italian and Chinese food. Truly a restaurant serving the diverse family.