You Better Start Rolling a Shitload of Meat Pies

March 02, 2020

My sweet son V likes nothing more than shopping for trucks. He apparently took his inquiry a little further this week, and entered his contact information into a form. As soon as he started getting messages from the dealer, he got a little nervous.

Here's a text he sent me.


I know, he meant was NOT on purpose.

Also, can you believe that there are $90,000 trucks!?!

V shared with me his text exchange with a car salesman.


And below that, the salesman just told him to have a good day too. I would have loved to see his face when he read, "I'll talk to you when I'm 16, but it will be a long time..." I really appreciate that he didn't respond, "Fuck off, kid."

So thanks, Luke at Ralph Sellers. I don't see us spending 90 grand on a truck, but if it happens, you can have the sale.