Window Washer

May 30, 2013

One of the hallmarks of a Louisiana summer is waking up to windows that are glazed over with condensation.

Today, Baby K noticed this phenomenon for the first time.

“Whassaaat?� he asked, pointing at the window.

“That’s just water on the window.�

“Mama do that. Mama wash.�

“Hahahaha. No, Mama didn’t wash anything. It just happens by itself.�

“Papa do that.�

“No. It’s called condensation. No one does it. It just happens.�

“Ola do it.�

He think’s our cleaning lady is named Ola. Much like the Bluth family thinking their youngest son is named Anyong.

“No baby. Ola didn’t do it.�


“Who? Oh Carmel?�

He nods.

“No, Carmel didn’t come over this morning to wash our windows.�




“Right. Let’s go see if Mama is awake yet.�