What is a Pickled Pig's Lip?

November 08, 2019

Raise your hand, those of you who like podcasts.

No, I'm not starting a podcast. I'd like to be a guest on yours though.

I do like to listen to them. Sometimes, I like the NY Times Daily. They have a host who interviews a different reporter every day. On the big feature stories that they run, you'll often get tidbits that didn't make the paper, or little additional details about sources or methods. It's at leat 50% interesting.

They suffer some criticism about being out of touch with normal people. And I think I understand why. There was a clip this week that made me laugh out loud all by myself in traffic. Let's listen.

The first voice you hear is a reporter who was covering the recent governor's race in Kentucky. It's boring already, I know. The second voice is the host who asks the reporter questions.

I know I'm asking a lot, but stick around for the whole 22 seconds.