We're Taking Them Back

May 13, 2009

I'm going to push all my chips in on my new campaign to reclaim the sun visor from the douchebags. Technically, I think that females playing golf or tennis can also get away with wearing a visor without looking like a douchebag, but there's no chance for men.

This all started because my house is a wreck during remodeling. I needed something to shade my eyes, and failing to find a cap, I found an old freebie sun visor with "Camp Bow Wow" written on it. I wore it for a couple of days, and to my surprise, I really like it. It gives all the benefits of a cap, but you don't have to take it off to scratch your head.

(Unless you're bald -- I'll acknowledge that it won't keep the bald dudes from getting a burn.)

Public Enemy #1 for Campaign To Rescue Sun Visors From Douchebagdom (CTRSVFD) is of course, Steve Spurrier. Spurrier's reach into all that is douchebaggery, as well as his Floridian disciples are going to be hard for my campaign to overcome. It would be fruitless to try to disassociate Florida fans with douchebags. Tyler correctly points out that Gainsville is crawling with dudes in jorts and mirrored sunglasses, clapping their outstretched arms. Trying to fight the douchebaggery there would be like trying to launch ice cubes into the sun in order to fight global warming.

So here's what I need: I need photos of cool people in sun visors. I googled "Barak Obama sun visor" and "George Clooney sun visor" and didn't see anything. The pics are out there. And there are more than just female golf and tennis professionals. Even with "cool sun visor," I came up empty. I have an uphill battle in front of me.

If I have some time, I might start up a whole web site just dedicated to this cause.