We're Going On a Trip -- A Trip to Sesame Street

July 31, 2008

I never thought of Sesame Street as having seasons or needing to run promotions, but I guess it makes sense that both are indeed the case. I stumbled onto this video promoting the season that starts this August, and it's clear that this particular video is targeted at the parents more than at the kids.

I'm not very good at identifying a celebrity, and I couldn't place all of these, but we obviously have Feist, whose hit plays in the video, and whose lyrics are updated to be a fun song about learning to count. Tina Fey is in as a Lemon, and a text graphic makes sure we get the joke (that her character on 30 Rock is named Liz Lemon).

Most excitingly -- and I had to rewind to make sure this was true -- we have Will Arnett on as a magician. If they would promise me that he would make a bunch of pennies appear and fall all over that table he's standing by, tinkling as they fall down onto Sesame Street, I would be a huge fan. I would DVR that episode and watch it more than once.

Of course, they would have to tell me when that episode is on too. Even though I have a two year old in the house, I don't know when Sesame Street airs. He knows the name "Elmo," but not "Big Bird," and I don't know if he's ever seen a real episode or just knows that from books, toys, and classmates. The program just isn't on our radar at all.

And I guess that's why they're targeting me with their promo video.

Even if you aren't a fan of 30 Rock or Arrested Development, there are bound to be some pop-culture tie-ins or celebrity cameos that amuse you. How many of these people can you name? I'm stuck at only a handful of them.

While I'm on the subject, I'm really digging this little ditty from one of the toddler educational channels. I was singing it last night, but I don't know the words, so I had to make them up.

If anyone has the mp3 of that one, I'd appreciate it if you forward it my way.