June 11, 2011

When I hear of a celebrity's texted/twittered penis pic, I usually check it out. Sure, you can call me names, but I think you're probably checking too. Greg Oden, Santonio Holmes, and now Anthony Weiner, covered though it was with stylish drawers. I'm a lightweight-expert at public figures who are just a little too proud of their wangs.

(I will say that I didn't check out Brett Favre's penis pic. As I understand it, it was just a picture of a tiny flaccid old man penis. If I want to see that, all I have to do is mount a mirror behind the toilet in my bathroom at home.)

I've been amused this week by the fake outrage from congressional Republicans over Congressman Weiner's weiner. The Daily Show and MSNBC are certain to have footage of outraged Rebublicans side-by-side with the same people urging us to "let it remain a private matter" when the horny elected official is from their side of the aisle.

That sort of hypocrasy is the main reason that I czn't stand to follow politics. Your values need to be your values. No matter what. So you work with a creepy guy? Here's a newsflash: you work with a room full of them. Either condemn them all, or let it be.

I'll take this moment to ask my fellow Louisiana residents whether they care that one of our two elected senators took time during a congressional vote to phone the D.C. Madam and arrange a prostitute for later.

Why do the horny men of the world (like Weiner and Woods -- surnames tailor made for horney men) get married at all? Would they be scorned for an attitude like, "I enjoy the company of lots of women. I'm really not the marrying kind." I think the public would be fine with that. It seems to have worked out okay for George Clooney. And you don't dash the hopes and dreams of wives and kids that deserve better.