Week of Nothing

June 19, 2007

"For God's sake, get rid of the plug!" That was pretty much the first thing that a friend of mine said when I picked up the ringing phone yesterday evening.

Of course, I haven't put up a new post in a long time. And that picture of the plug takes up more than its share of real estate on the excerpt that automatically gets written to the home page. And I've been home for a week. And I'm not working again. So what's been up?

I'd love to blame it entirely on new parenting duties. And there has been a heck of a lot of visiting, doctors, food and pacifier shopping, and working on our vocabulary (mostly a sound like AAAHH!, a sentance that goes like baa-baa-baa-baa-baa-baa, a cheerful singsong GOI GOI GOI, and crying), and learning how to walk.

But in truth, there are a lot more boring things that are taking time. Dog damage to my sprinkler system. Failed plants in window boxes. A complete lack of unspoiled food when we returned.

New ship's officer on his first sail.

And three weeks of television season finales to catch up on by DVR. What can I say about the Sopranos ending in an unexplainable blackout that hasn't been covered already?

So for the rest of the summer, my goal is two posts a week, plus a reasonably consistent picture of the day. Plus, I have a couple of new pages that I've been meaning to do that I'm going to try to complete this summer.

To imitate