Wedding Party

February 05, 2010

Two weekends ago, when we went down for the NFC Championship game, Mrs. theskinnyonbenny and I were eating oysters and drinking our lunchtime cocktails at a restaurant called Bourbon House. It happened to be the next shop down from the place where our dear friend Stacie had her rehearsal dinner, and my view out the window happened to be a place where the ladies dance in an exotic style. Penthouse Club, I believe it might have been called.

This reminded me of a story I had forgotten. Our friends from Boston -- Josh and Lisa -- newlyweds themselves -- arrived to Stacie's rehearsal dinner a little bit early. Not finding anyone there yet, they decided to go grab a drink somewhere close, and Lisa suggested the place right across the street.

Josh is a midwesterner, and over there, gentlemen are still gentlemen. I've heard Josh say, "shucks" in frustration, and he wasn't even trying to be funny at the time. When his new wife suggested a drink at the Penthouse Club, he assumed that his new wife was just clueless. Amidst much stuttering and stammering, he managed to spit out an objection.

Wedding Pic -- Wasn't That Nice?

Lisa's response (read in a heavy Boston Accent) was something like, "Theyah just boobies Josh! Get ohvah it!"

I realize now that I haven't posted much about Stacie's big day. There was one post where I offended the bride by referring to it as "that wedding," but that's it. I had started a long post about the weekend, but I never finished it up or posted it. So sorry Stace!

The wedding was in the St. Louis hotel in early December. It was one of the most fun weekends I've had in years. My abs were sore for two days from laughing nonstop. The group of people that came into town for this one were one of the most fun that I've been around, and the only thing that would have made it more fun would have been if Stacie, Mark, and Mrs. theskinnyonbenny had had enough time to roll from bar to bar with us throughout the day.

I carried my camera around with me nonstop, but I didn't get too many good pictures. I seem to have had a talent for capturing people with odd expressions on their faces that weekend. Some of those are worth a chuckle, and I'll post a handful of my favorites as pictures of the day over the next few days.

Enough time has passed to fade the flood of fun times that I had originally intended to share, but a couple of things still make me chuckle. First, was texting from Lisa's cell phone while she was in the bathroom:

Lisa: So, just between us, does Mark have a big joint? Stacie: I wouldn't know, being a virgin and all.
Try not to think about whether Mark looks like that new homosexual trust lawyer character on Big Love
(Lisa returns from the restroom and sees this on her phone...) Lisa: I'm SOOOOOO Sorry! These guys had my phone while I was in the restroom. Lisa: But since they asked....

Every response there was perfect, and they had me laughing for hours.

Another thing that still has me laughing is my mind's view of Shelly, sitting in a chair with her crutches propped precariously, using her hands to push her breasts up and to the center until they resembled a Venn diagram. As I approached the scene, she was telling someone in her Jack Nicholson voice, "You can't handle these titties!"

We also learned that there's more to Carmel than the studious, dedicated mother who watches the kids at tailgate parties while reading religion textbooks for school. She morphed into a tireless, wild, dancing fiend. Perhaps she was so much fun because Eddie skipped the wedding to watch the Saints game, perhaps she would have been that fun anyway. But we may have to start getting Eddie to stay home with their kids, so that fun Carmel can come hang with the grown ups.