Was There a Game Last Night?

April 07, 2009

Just before tipoff, I got Vanya and Mrs. theskinnyonbenny back in the bedroom watching Dancing With the Stars. I went to the den, lit up the big giant TV, and got ready for the game.

I had noticed earlier in the evening that one of the speakers wasn't playing, so I opened the door to the cabinet where the components live to see what was disconnected. I rotated the stereo receiver around and started tugging on speaker wire, looking for the loose link. It took me a while to wake up to the fact that it might be the audio cable from the TIVO box rather than the speaker wire. As soon as that dawned on me, I saw the unhooked wire. In a second, I had the glorious stereo sound to accompany the big picture.

I was shoving the stereo back into the cabinet, and the upper shelf collapsed. Components and wires crashed into a big pile, and my ridiculous picture and sound disappeared.

No sense in walking you through all of my trials and tribulations, but it took me about 40 minutes to get the shelf back up, and then get all of the connections done so that I could actually watch TV again. Through the process, I had snippets of sound and video from the game, and I realized that Carolina was playing well, but I wasn't expecting them to be 20 points ahead by the time I actually sat down to watch halfway through the first half.

The good thing is that I didn't feel compelled to stay awake through the end. In fact, I think I must have fell asleep during halftime. I basically got to see about 10 minutes of basketball time.