Voodoo Fest 2004

October 20, 2004

I went to Voodoo Fest this past Saturday. There was beautiful weather, and it was good to be outside hearing live music.

Let's jump right in with a review of the headliners' performance:


Green Day on the Stage
  • The Pixies: I've never seen The Pixies perform before, but they seemed to be as good as I would have expected them to be in the early 90s, before they broke up. This may seem like faint praise, but it isn't. I enjoyed their 90-minute show very much. I really did.
  • Green Day: Green Day was awesome live. Their songs were fantastic, they got the audience really involved, made fun of the other bands, and ran off wholesome family types with f-bombs. I can't say enough how much I liked them. I wholeheartedly recommend seeing Green Day live if you ever have the chance.
  • The Beastie Boys: I'm not the biggest fan of the Beasties to begin with. Let's face it, it was almost half my life ago since I had to fight for my right to party. But their performance sucked. They had a couple of segments where they actually tried to play instruments. I heard boos (even if they did come from my group). I would say that I like two of the songs that they did. And the DJ was very impressive (when the instrument thing wasn't going on). Other than that, it was bad bad bad bad bad. And they never even did "Fight for Your Right." Did I mention that I didn't care for this one?
A real-life Sue Ellen Mischkes walk around in their bras. No word on whether any of these girls are heiress to anyone's candy bar fortune.
As entertaining as the shows were, the other people provided much of the entertainment. There were all kinds of crazy outfits. I remember asking the question, "would you rather wear those pants in public, or go in public with no pants?" One woman danced to the Pixies with her pants so far up her ass, that it was torture to not walk up behind her, give them a good hard tug, and tell her, "No thanks necessary, ma'am." Shelly is a champ at taking pictures of strangers. I've never posed for so many fake pictures in my life. She took some pretty blatant pics of total strangers. Here's the best story: she uses Megan's camera to take the picture known as, "the butt crack." Little does she know that the camera bathes the target in orange light before snapping the photo. One of butt crack's friends looked right at the scene as the light illuminated the crack. I noticed butt crack sitting more discretely a couple of minutes later, but no one said anything to us. I wonder how it feels to be told, "hey, that stranger just took a picture of your butt crack." You would think I've been there, but I don't recall that ever being the case.
Who could these people be? I've been nice and disguised the faces, so you can't tell for sure.
There were some little hotshot kids smoking pot behind us. Once they broke out the big bong, Shelly got a photo of that. One of the little guys came up and asked to see what she her pictures. She put on the bitch face and said, "no, go sit down." The little guy tucked his tail between his legs and did as he was told. Heather blew my scheme to leave Stacie and Megan passed out on the grass and high-tail it to the car. I wasn't going to go anywhere. I would have just seen how long it took them to wake up and find their way back to the car. I bet it would have been a while. If you're reading this within a day or two of its posting, be sure to check back in a couple of days, and I will have posted the rest of the photos.