Unseasonal Decorations

January 03, 2024

Now that I don't have to get a kid up and make him get ready for school, I can start my mornings with long walks with the dog. It's been nice to take in the neighborhood Christmas decorations at a walking pace. But this week, I noticed a couple of decorations whose seasonality is questionable:

About a week too early for Mardi Gras, but forgivable, given how early Fat Tuesday is this year.


Halloween decorations disguised as Christmas decorations


I absolutely love the Halloween-turned-Christmas decorations. Put them up once in early October, apply a minor tweak on the first weekend of November, and then leave it alone until early January. Soooo much less up-and-down with boxes of decorations.

I hereby challenge all decorations manufacturers to make things like this ubiquitous. Lights are obvious. One switch for orange. Flip it in November for white or red or green or blue It seems like fake spider webs could become fake snow banks pretty easily. Werewolves that become reindeer. This shouldn't be too hard.