Tuna Sandwich

May 25, 2006

Yesterday after basketball at lunch, I went to the Subway on Government street. I was in front of him in line, having trouble figuring out what to order.

"I dunno... what are you going to have?"

"I'm going to have tuna!"

A subway tuna sandwich, with too much additional crap on it, in my opinion.

"Well, that sounds good." To the girl behind the counter, "a foot long tuna on wheat."

She fixed my sandwich up and then asked Noel.

"A six inch tuna."

She had scraped the bottom of the tub for me, so she looked in a cabinet for another tub of tuna. Not finding any, she walked to the back, and you could hear her yell to someone else, "TUNA?"

She came back around and told him that they were out of tuna, and that he had to pick something else.

So, if I had made my decision for myself, or if I had let Noel go first, or if I had just ordered a six-inch instead of a foot long, Noel could have had the sandwich he wanted.

And I didn't even offer to give him half of my sandwich.

I am a dick.