Travel Update, Site Update, Social Butterfly

November 01, 2023

If you've found this post, you've probably already seen the video about our big sail in 2024. And you've probably heard us talk about it at some great length.

But to recap, theskinnyonbenny family is picking up a sailboat in Slovenia this upcoming January, and then sailing it back home.

Winter in the Mediterranean is usually no picnic, and the EU only allows a 90-day stay, even if you're starting as far as possible from the Atlantic and on a vehicle that moves less than ten miles per hour. Because of that, we kind of have to hurry through the Med.

I'm planning to add a big section to the site where you can see where we are, along with posts and videos about our trip and about the new boat. That might go up as soon as next week, as we have some build pictures that we can share, but then frequent posts and a real-time map will show up once we get over there.

Sneak preview: a rendering of how the lettering will look on the new boat, just to keep this post from being a big sea of text.

Take a look at to get an idea about what the boat will be like.

Coincidentally, this site's 20th anniversary hits at the end of January. As I've been going through and re-posting pages, I've flagged some for 2024 best-of. Some of the pages and posts here have aged like fine wine, and others like Bunny bread left out of the bag. I'll be highlighting a few of each, unless I'm busy fixing broken boat things.

Other than that, I've just been the social butterfly the past week. Mrs. theskinnyonbenny and I found ourselves without any kids home after work on Friday, so we went to a bar downtown. In the most Baton Rouge fashion, we found ourselves at the bar next to a guy who we knew by name but have heard about for years, having friends in common.

On Saturday, we went and saw my sister in a community theater production of Rocky Horror, which was pretty damned funny, and then we had beers afterwards.

On Sunday, there was a social thing for parents of K's grade, and then we hung out and after-partied with a couple of those parents.

Then last night, trick-or-treating at a friends house, and a quick meetup with one other friend at the beer garden a couple of blocks away. I left that early to go pick up Ko where he was trick-or-treating, and they insisted that I help them polish off an open bottle of wine. That lead to anther bottle being opened, and then one more, I think.

Tonight, we're meeting up with my boy Jerry, who is passing through town.

It's been a fun week!