Toy Story

January 27, 2009

My kid is really growing up. So far, he's had difficulty with V's, so he pronounced his name "NaaNaa." Yesterday, he got the V in the mix: "VVVVVnaanaa."

The past two weeks or so, he can't get enough of the movie Toy Story, which up until then, I hadn't seen since it was first released. He relates to Woody the Cowboy, as they both enjoy wearing boots. We tried Cars and the one with the rat who like to cook, but they can't even approach the popularity of "Cowboy."

Toy Story Pen

This show has run so often that when I pulled a pen out of my bag and it looked like this, my first thought was that it was one of those toys that is disassembled and pieced back together with non-matching parts of other toys by the bad kid in that movie.

Even though I'm tired of it, I will admit that I had forgotten how clever it was. The toy soldiers on their reconnaissance missions were the best.