Too Cold for Hygene

January 12, 2010

I know that it's been exceptionally cold everywhere, and you don't want to read a post about how the puddles were actually frozen when I went outside to see how Lily was getting into the yard next door. And I can handle the cold. I'll bundle up and go out in the upper thirties, no problem.

But I learn to cope. I don't have gloves, but I have a reasonably warm coat, and with the hood up, hat, scarf, sweatshirt, and two sets of pants, It's warm enough.

With all of these layers of clothes, I'm having the damnedest time finding my phone, wallet, and keys. It's all of these pockets. Twice, I've searched the house up and down only to eventually find whatever I was looking for in a pocket on something I was already wearing. I've even had where I want to change the selection on the ipod that was playing in my ears, but couldn't find the ipod without following the headphone cord. I eventually tracked it to the pocket in the pajama pants that I was wearing under my jeans.

Although that sounds like the way Joe Fatass would dress, it seems to work quite well for me. Except for the point where I snuck in a quick gym appearance between football games on Sunday. Two old geezers were explaining to each other about the Saints-Cowboys game coming up. Normally, I would keep my mouth shut and let fools be fools, but for some reason, I joined there conversation and let them know that the Saints would draw the Green Bay-Arizona winner. They were skeptical, and I wasn't sure why, but I'm sure I didn't give myself any credibility by dropping my jeans to show myself standing there in food-stained pajama bottoms.

To make matters worse, the pool was closing, so as soon as I got changed, I rolled right back into the locker room to get dressed again without having taken any exercise at all. Although this time, I just put on my jeans without the pajamas.

Today is obviously much much warmer, and the sun is out, and the wind is still. It's quite nice, and I'm hoping that this is the last of winter for the year, or at least that it stays warm enough for me to dress as a normal, productive member of society.