Too Clever for My Own Good

January 27, 2012

Sunday is the Krewe of Mutts, which regular readers will recognize as the Mardi Gras parade in Baton Rouge for dogs. This year's theme is "The Good, the Bad, and the Furry."

My best costume idea is to dress the dogs like WW2 American soldiers. Then, I'll have Vanya dressed as a Nazi, pulling the wagon with Kolya in there, wearing a gray suit and a Hitler mustache.

Although I think this would be hilarious, I think I'm going to reject it. First of all, Baton Rouge isn't necessarily edgy enough (read: stupid enough) to take this as a joke. Second of all, we still owe placement reports to the Russian government. I would hate for them to do a little searching, find a picture of their newest adoptee being pulled around in a swastika-laden wagon, and have that cause an international incident.

If I'm going to be featured on Nancy Grace, I at least want the satisfaction of having murdered my wife.

(Baton Rouge: that was another joke, just so it's clear.)