This Week in Happiness

November 20, 2014

A few of the many things that made me happy this week:

  • Vanya's school had a Thanksgiving thing where we all go eat with the class. V served himself a typical little kid lunch: chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and a roll. While he was eating, the mom who brought the potatoes stopped and asked him how he liked them.

    "Terrible!" he replied.

    "Well, they were made with love," she said.

    That was a little embarrassing, but funny all the same.
  • Buffalo Bills player Sammy Watkins (formerly of Clemson) experienced his very first snow, with a monster storm up there in upstate New York. His twitter feed has been like readking the reaction of a little kid. It almost makes me think that it would be fun to be up there. Check out this video. (2023 update: sorry, this link is dead)
  • I tweeted this earlier today, so sorry if it's a repeat: Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Scientist. Even if you're already cringing, it's worse than you think.
  • This goofy lab, which you really must watch, even if you're tired of following links.
  • Kolya telling me, "I had a really, really big fart, and poo-poo came out." Now we understand why grown-ups wear drawers.
  • This conversation with Vanya, about his birthday, to which he is counting down for the next three months:

    "So how old will you be on your birthday?"

    "I'm eight now, so... nine."


    "But, will I still be me? Like, will I be the same boy?"

    And then a couple of days later...

    "I don't want to turn nine. I want to stay little, so I can still sit in your lap."

  • Today, I mentioned how my mom likes to fry some boloney. That led us to discussing the domed shape of fried boloney, and that in turn led us to referring to the building at work as the "boloney dome."

And this wasn't this week, but who doesn't like to see a fat beagle enjoying a sail?

Lily enjoying the end of her first sail on the big Velvet Elvis