Thinking Football

September 10, 2017

I woke up this morning, and my mind flashed to three questions, in this order:

  1. Did Oklahoma finish putting away the Buckeyes after I fell asleep? (That was my college football underdog pick this week. And in case you're wondering, they did win.)
  1. Is Odell Beckham Jr going to play today? (Fantasy implications, and the Giants aren't telling.)
  1. Is there still such a place as Key West? (Still not quite sure what the answer is.)

From there, I went through all of the college football scores from yesterday. There were a lot of good games, and I missed a lot of action. I was, however, the only person outside of Indiana or Virginia to watch the whole IU/Virginia game. Indiana is for real, y'all. That game wasn't nearly as close as the score showed.

I was instrigued by the Tulane 21 - Navy 23 score. Navy is one of those teams that I pull for, with no real reason. I like that it's one of the four D-I schools whose name is also a color. And I like that part of their cirriculum is to get out on Chesapeake Bay in sail boats. I hope our real navy never gets to the point where we rely on sail any more, but I like that they're getting the kids ready, just in case.

I always check in on Tulane too. Parltly, because my friend Dave picks Tulane as his underdog as reliably as crazies will wait out a hurricane in Key West, and partly because I just pull for all of the in state schools, assuming none of them ever get good enough to challenge LSU.

I'm wondering if CBSSN replays games during the week, like the ESPN channels do during slow fall weekdays. Google wouldn't tell me, no matter how I phrased the question, I couldn't really find anything. But I found a highlight reel on YouTube, posted by Tulane, so I decided to watch it.

If you follow that link and watch, you will wonder like I did how Tulane didn't win 45-3. I don't think I'm getting all of the highlights here.