Things I Didn't Know About Football

November 15, 2005

Here are four things I know about football right now, that I didn't know Saturday morning:


  • Until this season, LSU had never beaten Florida, Alabama, and Auburn in the same season. I know that would have been a rare feat, but it seems amazing that it never happened before.
  • On a similar vein, before now, LSU has never beaten Alabama three years in a row.
  • When a field goal attempt falls short, a player from the opposing team can catch the ball in the end zone, and return it for a touchdown. It happened in the Bears game this weekend. You can also count the fact that the Bears have a home uniform the color of orange sherbet as something I didn't know about football.
  • Back to LSU, current coach Les Miles and former coach Gary Dinardo were assistants together in Colorado back in the day. How about that?
  • Since her costume malfunction at the Super Bowl, Janet Jackson has disappeared from the public eye, so that she could balloon into a great big fatty.

Admittedly, that last one has little to do with football, and I only heard it second hand (and have done nothing to verify it), but I felt like this post needed one more bullet.